Photo Morgana

Founded in autumn 2017 when Remi (vocals, keys) and Jan (guitars, backing vocals, keys) met through a website where people look for musical companionship, sharing a mutual fondness of electronic music, but with a strong wish of incorporating organic "real" instruments in their music. With a broad spectrum of influences like LCD Soundsystem, Depeche Mode, Metronomy, John Maus, Massive Attack and of course, Radiohead, they started writing synth-based songs with lyrics that have a deep connection with their own personal lives, but where all people can relate to.

Together with Remon (drums, backing vocals) Photo Morgana brings you a dynamic electronic live set with their synths and samples, while keeping it "real" by adding acoustic drums and real guitars.

Photo Morgana is:

Remi Wieten (vocals, keys)

Jan Voortwist (guitars, backing vocals, keys)

Remon Korteweg (drums, backing vocals)