Photo Morgana

Synth-pop with a melancholic twist

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We are Photo Morgana

Founded in autumn 2017 when Remi (vocals, keys) and Jan (guitars, backing vocals, keys) met through a website where people look for musical companionship, sharing a mutual fondness of electronic music, but with a strong wish of incorporating organic "real" instruments in their music. With a broad spectrum of influences like LCD Soundsystem, Depeche Mode, Metronomy, John Maus, Massive Attack and of course, Radiohead, they started writing synth-based songs with lyrics that have a deep connection with their own personal lives, but where all people can relate to.

Together with Remon (drums, backing vocals) Photo Morgana brings you a dynamic electronic live set with their synths and samples, while keeping it "real" by adding acoustic drums and real guitars.


Latest news

Some cool new live photos

As you might know, we had quit the busy weekend on February 9th & 10th. On Saturday we got to play the upstairs hall in Paradiso (thanks again Pinguin Radio!!!) and on Sunday we played live at Jan's house for Gluren bij de buren. We had a blast to say the least on both occasions and... some really great pictures of us have been made. Check out our gallery to see some.

Photo on the right by Bram van Dal

Photo below by Marinus Wieten